Welcome to CCCFaithatHome

Faith matters. And faith grows when it is active in your home.

At Christ Community Church, we want to be faithful to Jesus’ call on our whole lives as we seek to serve him not only on Sunday morning, but in our everyday living, working, playing, eating and sleeping.

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How This Site Works

Through this site, we hope you’ll be inspired, challenged, and equipped with stories, tools, and resources to live your faith for God and with others.

Each week, there will be three items that apply to one aspect of everyday life. One might be a story to inspire you. Another might be an article to challenge the way you think. The last will always be a resource to put your faith into practice.

Each post is “tagged” with keywords that identify the age group, topic or theme, type of post, and area of spirituality and living that it applies to. By using these words in the search bar on this site, you will find all of the posts and links that apply to any specific category you are interested in.

On the GoodReads bookshelf, you’ll find books that staff and community members have found helpful and encouraging as they have deepened their relationship with Jesus. Some are on faith in general and others tackle specific issues and practices. All of them have the potential to inspire, challenge and equip you.

We hope and pray that this site becomes a toolbox for you, full of ideas and links that you can use as you build your faith at home.

A PDF that walks you through this site is available here: cccfaithathome instructions