Habits Aren’t All Bad

In a post on the CRC Network, Neil de Koning shares some ideas about staying grounded in God in the midst of a crazy and distracting world. Though the post is addressed to elders in the church, everyone can use his five suggestions:

  1. The practice of an active engagement with Scripture (daily devotional or study) – because we live by the word of God.
  2. The practice of a biweekly celebration of communion in a small group because belonging to each other and being in Christ together are essential.
  3. The practice of active service (as volunteer and/or monetary) in two Christian organizations (church being one, possibly Christian school, ARocha, College, CLAC, etc) because the institutional life of a community is important part of Kingdom life.
  4. The practice of hospitality with non Christians because we are to love our neighbours.

Read the rest of the post, Habits in a Disruptive Culture, to learn why these ideas just may work.


This post is meant for adults, teens and families seeking to honour God with how they spend their time as part of a disciplined life of faith.