Sunday Follow-Up

Yesterday at CCC, Pastor Turk gathered the book of Proverbs’ teaching on discipline. You can listen to it here. One of the examples he used from the modern world was about regularly going to church. Six years ago, Kyle Pott decided to challenge himself to go to church for 52 weeks in a row. Check out his practical words of advice and encouragement and what he learned from the discipline.

By attending church every week for 52 weeks, I was able to meet many people, strengthen my faith, improve my personality, become more involved in my community, and most importantly strengthen my relationship with God.

Funny… practicing a discipline has the power to bring about change. Are you open to that change?


This post is a follow-up to CCC’s Sunday sermon “Desire Discipline” on 7/29/12. It deals with discipline, habits, and lifestyle choices in our walk with God.