Empathy: stepping into another’s shoes

We’re doing something a little different this week.

This week, there’s only one post, but there are multiple sites to check out. The first two are invitations to practice empathy– to listen to (or in this case, read) someone else’s story and try to imagine what life is like for them. Empathy opens up the doors of compassion, understanding, true fellowship, and community. Empathy resists the urge to jump to conclusions, to turn to fear, and to segregate. Empathy takes a lot of work, but it’s our calling as Christ followers.

First, Erin Thomas shares her experience as a Church goer with Asperger’s Syndrome.
Second, Keri Anguiano reflects on what it feels like to do everything “right” and “responsible” in life and still end up in line for social assistance.
If you want to read more stories, check out the site People of the Second Chance.

How, besides trying, can you get better at empathy? Try reading more. Justin Zoradi explains in his post, “Want to Do Meaningful Work? Keep Reading. Literally.”


This post was created for adults and teens and encourages the cultivation of empathy in relationships, community, and attitudes.

Photo by practicalowl. Used with permission. Sourced through Flickr.

Sunday Followup

On Sunday, August 26th, we finished up our summer series “God’s Wisdom forĀ Your Everyday” at Christ Community Church on the book of Proverbs. Pastor Chelsey shared a message from Proverbs 31.10-31 and challenged us all, men and women, individuals and community, to follow the ways of Lady Wisdom and Christ. You can listen to that message, “The ABCs of Wisdom,” here.

Here’s an article from The Banner in 2011 on “A Proverbs 31 Life.” How does this outlook on the text change its message for you?

This post was created as further study on a sermon topic at Christ Community Church. It is suitable for adults of all ages who study the Bible and desire to live an obedient life to Christ.

Will you let others stand at your shoulders?

In this video, Jo Saxton inspires us to remember and live the truth that to know who you are, you have to know who’s you are. And when you know who you are, you know how to be.

When you let someone stand at your shoulders, you allow them access to your life so that they can see what it means to belong to Jesus.


This post is intended to inspire adults, teens, and leaders in mentoring, relationships, evangelism, parenting, and witnessing to the faith in the everyday.

Be present!

Ever feel like someone isn’t listening to you? Tempted to check your email or facebook while on the phone or waiting for the next course at dinner?

Try being present instead. Here are some tips on “Being 100% present.”

This post is for adults and teens who care about their relationships and desire to have good communication, respect, and love in them.

Take a second when you’re going to judge

In excerpt from her book, Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus, Lois Tverberg challenges us to consider other possibilities when we’re ready to pass judgment on others. It’s a lengthier post, but worth the reminder to err on the side of grace and learn to judge as Jesus judged and lived. Read the excerpt, “Taking My Thumb Off the Scale.”

This post is intended for those who want to be more Christlike in their relationships and attitudes. It is a challenge to consider others favourably.

Do you really owe God?

Discover how we can use the gift of time, the gift of the creation itself, and the gift of God’s grace to say thank you to God.

In What Do I Owe? Rolf Bouma encourages and equips us to view our opportunities to give and thank God as more than just parting with our money. The study includes daily devotionals, five Bible studies with questions for discussion, and ideas on how to act on what you learn.

This resource is for adults and small groups to use as they study giving, tithing, stewardship and generosity.