Are you trying to be great?

[W]e are special not because we possess a worthiness of our own, but because we image the special One—our Creator. He created us to reflect his glory to a watching world. Every job we do, every gift we possess, and every seemingly mundane task we complete faithfully is all part of our reflecting his creative majesty. And every life is necessary in God’s economy. This is what gives us significance and meaning, regardless of the tangible outcomes of our efforts.

Read the rest of Courtney Reissig’s piece, “Forget What Your Mom or Teacher Says- You Aren’t So Special After All” on the Her.meneutics blog from Christianity Today.

This post is a challenge for adults and parents to be content in the person God has made them. We are not called to greatness, just faithfulness– including in our work, our ambition, goals and what we produce.