Is there ever a good time to give?


When Should We Give? Watch the video and read the reflection from

Do circumstances change your habits? Should they?


This post is meant for adults as they consider their giving, tithing, generosity, lifestyle and attitude towards God.


Ready to dismiss Facebook? Not so fast…

Can’t understand the big hoopla? Don’t know why so many young adults and teens are being joined by the middle-aged and retired in the online world hosted by Facebook?

Practice a little empathy by reading one young adult’s perspective.


This post is about Facebook, community, Christian living, loneliness and relationships among adults, teens, and young adults.

Challenging you and your teens with Facebook

We hear a lot about why Facebook is dangerous, how it disconnects us from physical relationships, and how it distracts us from more “holy” pursuits. But what if we were more intentional?

Learn how in “Presence, Hospitality, and Facebook” and have a different  kind of conversation about Facebook.

A second helpful article on the subject comes from Kristy Quist: “How to Encourage Christ-like Facebook behavior in your kids.”

This post was made with adults, parents, and teens who use Facebook in mind, and is meant to inspire us to view and use the medium in a different way.

When to stop trying so hard and to start living

In this post, J.B. Wood reflects on what getting older does to your sense of reality.

After a few frustrating decades of grinding it out without desired results, we eventually come to terms with how our lives turned out, even if they fall far short of our idealized youthful aspirations.

Hope bends, it seems.

And is that a bad thing? Find out in “Coming to Terms with the Limits of Your Strengths.”

This post is for adults of all ages as they think about their work, life, attitude and vocation.

Are you trying to be great?


[W]e are special not because we possess a worthiness of our own, but because we image the special One—our Creator. He created us to reflect his glory to a watching world. Every job we do, every gift we possess, and every seemingly mundane task we complete faithfully is all part of our reflecting his creative majesty. And every life is necessary in God’s economy. This is what gives us significance and meaning, regardless of the tangible outcomes of our efforts.

Read the rest of Courtney Reissig’s piece, “Forget What Your Mom or Teacher Says- You Aren’t So Special After All” on the Her.meneutics blog from Christianity Today.

This post is a challenge for adults and parents to be content in the person God has made them. We are not called to greatness, just faithfulness– including in our work, our ambition, goals and what we produce.

What I Want vs. What I’ve Got

Follow Nicole Cottrell’s example and make a list of what you want in life. Then, compare it to what God has given you.

Are you content? Use your list to reflect on God’s goodness and spend time talking to God about your life and its riches.

*photo by Matt Grover. Used with permission.

This post was made with adults, young adults and teens in mind. It is a resource and example of practicing the spiritual disciplines of reflection and gratitude.