Work, Purpose, and God- where do they meet?

Watch this short 1 minute clip from The High Calling, then visit their blog for a piece by Diane Paddison called, “Rediscover the Purpose of Your Work.”

What does it mean to be doing God’s work, at work?

This post was created for adults and inspires us to think more about how God is using us and what we do everyday.

Sinning in your work

Meagan Kunert shares her story of knowingly doing wrong in her work at People of the Second Chance. Read her story and consider how you respond to her actions of both sin and repentance.

The challenge we get from this story is twofold. First, it takes courage and a strong belief in God’s grace to be so honest about our failures. And second, Meagan’s story is an invitation to think about how we treat one another once we’ve done wrong (and confessed) in the marketplace. It’s no coincidence that this piece comes from the group People of the Second Chance…

This post was created for adults in the workforce and deals with issues of integrity, honesty, sin, repentance and public response.

Sometimes, you just want to quit.

Doug Fields gleans some helpful advice to get you through those days when you just want to quit your job. Though Doug speaks briefly from the perspective of someone in the ministry, the advice isn’t unique to church work. And let’s be honest, most of us aren’t in a position to just quit. So what can we do to make it through those really bad stretches until we figure it out? Check out: “When I want to quit.”


This post is for those in the workforce and addresses issues of lifestyle, attitude, devotional life and perspective.


This week’s theme is prayer. There are tons of great resources and stories to share about prayer, so look forward to more in the future. To get your heart tuned in, here are three:

Let Mary Oliver’s simple poem inspire you to talk to your Creator.

Read Nancy Leigh De Moss’s reflections on the prayerless life with God for a challenge not to give up this important piece of your relationship.

Check out any of these resources to enrich your prayer practices listed in The Banner’s April 2012 magazine.

This post is for adults and provides ideas and resources that relate to prayer.

Photo by Megan Watson. Used with permission. Sourced via CreationSwap.

Tools for Discernment

We face choices everyday– some more monumental than others. Here are three resources to help you along the way of discernment:

Amy Vogel’s “So You Want to Know God’s Will” is especially helpful if you’re having a hard time hearing God’s voice.

“Simple Questions to Help you Discern” comes from Spiritual Director Teresa Blythe. The questions may be simple, but the answers may be life-transforming.

And “Godly Decision Making” is an excerpt from the book Pursuing God’s Will Together: A Discernment Practice for Leadership Groups by Ruth Haley Barton. It is thorough and helpful as you start with some of the more major decisions.


This post is for adults and provides resources for discernment.

Photo by kalli williams. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr.

So you discerned, and things didn’t work out…

You thought you got it right. You know you were doing the right thing. And yet… you feel like God’s pulled the rug out from under you. Ed Welch’s piece encourages you to not jump to the wrong conclusions.

Keep looking. God is up to something.


This post is for adults and it challenges them to continue to discern God’s activity in their lives.

Learn to Listen for God again

It’s hard to become like little children and learn to listen again.

Listening for God is almost a lost art in this day and age; to discern is a verb that has lost its flavour. Yet, discerning the will of God, listening to his voice, following the way of Jesus, these are the ways we define and give shape to the Christian life.

Kasey Hitt reflects on being reminded to listen like a child for God in this piece: “A Story About Discernment: Like a Child.”¬†Hitt reccomends finding a Spiritual Director, but even asking the questions and pondering is a start.

This post is for adults and is meant to inspire them to discern.

School isn’t just Prep Work

It’s easy to fall into the trap of preparing for the next stage of life. But, as Maureen Herrig challenges us, there’s much to learn and to enjoy in the moment. As parents, you can ask different kinds of questions at the dinner table.

Instead of just asking about where to go to college, ask what do you love to do?
Instead of just asking what grade they got on a test, ask did you learn something that amazed you today?
Read the post and the rest of the questions on ThinkChristian.


This post is intended for parents of teenagers and children in school. It is meant to encourage a different kind of attitude about school and learning.

Even seven year olds have passion

In this story, Michelle DeRusha reflects on her son Rowan’s ever changing passions– most recently for the Super Mario Bros. Remembering her own experience of growing up and pursuing a vocation she wasn’t passionate about, DeRusha reflects on the importance of cultivating passion in your children for the future.

Read “Follow Your Passion” and reflect on what you and your children are passionate about. How can you foster their growth?

This post is intended for parents of children. It encourages you to think beyond success and respectability and to cultivate your child’s passions, imagination and desires.

Photo by Jake Miller. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr.

Your kid still needs you

In this post, Syler Thomas reassures parents that even though you’re sending your kids off to college, your job as a parent isn’t over. In fact,

…the college years are often when you will find yourself growing closer to your kids than ever.

Thomas offers a few pieces of advice, a couple of resources to check out, and words of encouragement for you and your young adult. Read “When your child goes off to college, they need you.”


This post was made with adults of college aged young people in mind.