What is serving about anyway?

When we serve, God’s grace multiplies. Listen to Ryan Pittman’s testimony and look for all of the ways that his servant’s heart is used by God.

Next, check out this challenging self-rebuke by Kathleen. The Holy Spirit is always speaking to us. How many opportunities have you driven away from lately?

Finally, looking for way to encourage kindness and service at home? Consider using a kindness jar as a family.

This post is for adults, singles, families, and children. It is about service, our attitude and our relationships with others.

So You’re in College Now…

…and there’s lots to fill your time and think about. Here are a few posts and resources to help you keep perspective:

If this is your first year at University, check out Chelsey Nugteren’s “10 Things I Wish They Told Me at College Orientation” parts 1 & 2, over at Boundless Line.

Maybe you’re in those middle years and have begun to wonder about life outside of college. Where are your passions driving you? What matters to God? What are other people like you reading? Byron Borger shares a list of compelling, thought-provoking, and transforming reads for adults of all ages (but of particular interest to young adults). Your pastor may even have a few on her/his shelf for you to borrow.

Or maybe you’ve been in school for far too long and the wrong sorts of things have become your focus. One grad student shares her struggle with grades and acceptance at The Evangelical Outpost.


This post was created with young adults and adults in college in mind. It aims to inspire, challenge and resource in the areas of discipleship, attitude, lifestyle, and faith.

“I love the Bible”

Well that’s easy to say. But what does it mean? Rachel Held Evans writes:

I love the Bible more now than ever before because I have finally surrendered to God’s stories.

Read the rest of her thoughts— including how it’s given her a limp– just like Jacob had after he wrestled with God.
Do you feel a little guilty that you aren’t reading the Bible enough? It may not be what you’re reading, but how you’re reading. Check out “There’s more to Bible reading than… being on your own.” You just may find you aren’t doing so bad after all.

Looking for some help/inspiration/encouragement/accountability to fall more in love with the Bible? Hop on to the movement “Live Light in 25 Words” out of Australia. The site includes resources, ideas, apps and plans to get you reading God’s word– starting with 25 words a day.

This post is for adults and teens who desire to spend more time reading and studying God’s word, the Bible, so that the Holy Spirit will transform them.

Photo by Mark Lehigh. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

New on the bookshelf

Seeking God’s Face: Praying with the Bible through the Year

Seeking God’s Face uses the practice of Lectio Divina to guide you in daily prayer and reflection with Scripture. It starts with Advent, the beginning of the Christian calendar, and includes Scripture readings and suggestions for prayer topics. Seeking God’s Face is a resource you can continue to use year after year because each reading has a date for its use through the year 2026.

If you would like to meditate, contemplate, and use guided conversation with God, then this is a resource to use.

This post includes a resource for Bible study, prayer, reading and devotions.

Canadian Thanksgiving- do you know the story?

Adele Konyndyk shares the story of Canadian Thanksgiving. Surprisingly, it’s a story of search, failure, and feast.

In her reflection on the history and the name (in both French and English), Konyndyk reminds all of us that the holiday isn’t called

Thanks­feeling or Thanksdoing or even Thanksbeing. It is Thanksgiving. To me that has a sound similar to many scriptural phrases of what we are to offer our Lord, including Hebrews’ “sacrifice of praise.”

Finally, she includes a link to a resource: One Thousand Gifts. On the site, there is even an opportunity for you to share your thanks.


This post includes an inspiring story and resource for thanksgiving and gratitude.

Don’t be a “chronic unthanker”

Stupidity and sin begin at the very point where we refuse to honour and thank the one who made us (Rom 1:21).

In “Thanksgiving: it’s not trivial,” Jean Williams challenges us to replace our grumbling, frenetic worrying, and excuse making with a new perspective: thanksgiving.


This post is a challenge for people of all ages to examine their attitudes, practices, priorities and the way they communicate.

“Fathers, be good to your daughters”

…John Mayer may have sung it, but we all know it’s true.
Dads, this week is for you and your relationship with your younger daughters.

First, a piece by Alex Early will remind you that your call to be God’s holy handiwork includes snuggling with your kids. (So this one isn’t daughter specific, but you get the drift…)

Then, Jackie Bledsoe talks about why men need to “Date Your Daughter Early.”

Need some ideas as to how to make your daddy-daughter dates meaningful? Some dads use the alphabet as their guide. Starting with the letter “A”, choose a location or activity that starts with that letter. Each month, move on to the next letter. For example, if you start in October, then the “A” could stand for Apple picking…

Another way to spend your time together is to play The Communication Game. This game was created by a dad to use with his own daughters. It provides fill-in-the-blank statements for fathers and daughters to answer while they share a meal together. (It uses the same alphabet system described above as you choose a restaurant.) The game is recommended for ages 10 and up.


This post was created for dads (fathers) who desire to build strong relationships of love, trust, and respect with their daughters.


Photo by Dave King. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr.