“Fathers, be good to your daughters”

…John Mayer may have sung it, but we all know it’s true.
Dads, this week is for you and your relationship with your younger daughters.

First, a piece by Alex Early will remind you that your call to be God’s holy handiwork includes snuggling with your kids. (So this one isn’t daughter specific, but you get the drift…)

Then, Jackie Bledsoe talks about why men need to “Date Your Daughter Early.”

Need some ideas as to how to make your daddy-daughter dates meaningful? Some dads use the alphabet as their guide. Starting with the letter “A”, choose a location or activity that starts with that letter. Each month, move on to the next letter. For example, if you start in October, then the “A” could stand for Apple picking…

Another way to spend your time together is to play The Communication Game. This game was created by a dad to use with his own daughters. It provides fill-in-the-blank statements for fathers and daughters to answer while they share a meal together. (It uses the same alphabet system described above as you choose a restaurant.) The game is recommended for ages 10 and up.


This post was created for dads (fathers) who desire to build strong relationships of love, trust, and respect with their daughters.


Photo by Dave King. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr.