Making prayer natural

Relevant Magazine ran a piece called “Why is Prayer So Hard?” by John Dwyer. He writes,

the good news is that prayer is not an item that can be ticked off on a to-do list. And there is freedom in recognizing this.

Check out the rest of the article to learn about praying freely.

We all say, “I’ll pray for you” and then many of us forget to carry through. Here’s a beautiful example of being intentional about using your everyday life activities as a reminder to pray for others: “My praxis of prayer” by Kelley Nikondeha.

If you are married and you and your partner share a common faith, then he or she is a natural prayer partner. This post from Simple Marriage can help you pray for and with one another in a way that gets you talking, thinking and lifting others up to God.


This post provides resources and inspirational/challenging stories about the habit of prayer for adults.