The Dangers Within: Sloth

Seven Deadly SinsSloth can easily be confused with the laziness of couch potatoes.

But sloth goes much deeper than being lazy.

Consider GroundWork’s argument that sloth is being apathetic and disengaged from the things that truly matter- even if your life is full of activity. Listen to the episode for more insight.

A better way for us to think about sloth today is to think of it as busyness, the act of filling our lives with things to do rather than things that truly matter.

Kevin DeYoung warns us of three dangers of being “crazy busy” for Christians.
Danger 1, Danger 2, Danger 3

You’ve come to terms with your busyness and you don’t like it. Now what? Find rest in Jesus. Find some inspiration in Doug Fields’ simple reflection, “7 Promises of Rest.”

Finally, fill your life with what truly matters. “Discover your God Your God-Given Calling” by Julia Mateer offers a number of good questions and approaches to following Christ in all you do.

This post is for adults and addresses lifestyle habits involving work, interests, hobbies, busyness, attitudes and commitments.

Photo by dingler1109. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.