Stations of the Cross

At Christ Community Church, we spent this week following the true story of Jesus’ suffering. We gathered crosses from our Church building and from families in our community to design each station. Then, we added some items for reflection and spent time in prayer after reading the biblical text. For many, it was a powerful experience and Spirit-filled time.

We thought we’d share the experience with all of you. Download the booklet, Stations of the Cross 2013, and if you’d like, use the pictures of each station below.

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This post is the final in a series of Holy Week reflections.

Holy Week Reflections- just one week to live

What would you do if you had just one week to live?

Eugene Cho offers a powerful reflection of what he would do, and what Jesus did with his last week.

This post is a continuation of Holy Week reflections.

Sunday Follow Up

On March 24, 2013 Pastor Chelsey shared a message from Exodus 15 entitled, “The Lord is a Warrior.” She challenged us to think about God as a Warrior against sin and evil as we headed into Holy Week. Hear that message on our Church sermon website (or in the archives).

This week on the blog, we hope to share multiple stories and reflections from around the web as you remember the last week of Jesus’ time on earth in the flesh. The first one comes from Redemption Pictures and it offers a very different picture of our Good God Warrior: “The God Who Bleeds.”


This post is a follow up to a message preached at Christ Community Church. It provides a challenging reflection to the picture of Jesus we make for ourselves and is a resource for Holy Week and Good Friday.

The Dangers Within: Lust

Sculpture: Deadly SinsThe last of the Seven Deadly Sins for us to consider is lust.

Lust is a challenge for both men and women, as “Confessions of a Lustful Christian Woman” by Jonalyn Fincher illustrates.

Adam Holz offers some good thoughts on the role of the community in regards to dealing with this sin. Given our deep desire to keep our lustful thoughts private, we’d do well to listen.

GroundWork Media finishes up their series on the Seven Deadly Sins with this episode on lust.

And just in case you haven’t come across this online resource, be sure to check out XXX Church’s website for programs, resources, stories and much more to support men, women, teens, families, and churches through porn addiction recovery.


This post is for adults and provides resources and challenges that pertain to lust, sex, pornography, and our thoughts.

Photo by See-ming Lee. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

The Dangers Within: Gluttony

You’re getting two posts this week because we were down for the count last week because of sickness. We hope you’re encouraged and challenged by the last two posts in our series on the Seven Deadly Sins.

Radio DJ Texas Tinay eats buffalo burgerGluttony is an ugly sin. It makes us look ugly to others, it leads us to feel ugly, and it causes real physical harm to our bodies. Most of us have been around people who drink too much alcohol, and many of us have struggled with our eating habits; it seems that no one is immune to this dangerous sin.

At the root of our excessive eating (or the other extreme, dieting) and drinking is the desire to fill the emptiness inside with some sort of contentment. To learn more, listen to GroundWork’s episode, “Gluttony.”

Can gluttony apply to things besides our eating and drinking? Jerod Clark thinks so. What are other ways that we take to excess to find happiness or that feel good moment?

Finally, take a look at the three spiritual disciplines contemporary theologians think the Church desperately needs to embrace today. The first one is fasting, the counterpart to gluttony because it reminds us that our deepest hungers can only be satisfied by God.

This post is about gluttony, food, fasting, and contentment.

The photo is from the Orange County Archives. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.