The Dangers Within: Greed

Most Christians aren’t going to argue that greed is bad. But, because we know it’s bad, do we whitewash its pervasiveness? The guy in the video, are we in danger of being trapped by it?

“What is Greed?” Hugh Whelchel offers an answer the question with some biblical thoughts, and GroundWork Media does a whole episode on it here.

Like all of the other seven deadly sins, greed escalates sinfulness. First, it was a chocolate bar, then it was the vault… Consider a study of the wealthy, cheating, and empathy in an article by the LA Times.

But don’t get comfortable just identifying the greed around you– look for the greed within. Joshua Becker might be able to help with “The Antidote for Selfishness is You.”

This post is for adults. It provides challenging ideas, stories and information about our concept of greed, selfishness, and lifestyle.