The Dangers Within: Gluttony

You’re getting two posts this week because we were down for the count last week because of sickness. We hope you’re encouraged and challenged by the last two posts in our series on the Seven Deadly Sins.

Radio DJ Texas Tinay eats buffalo burgerGluttony is an ugly sin. It makes us look ugly to others, it leads us to feel ugly, and it causes real physical harm to our bodies. Most of us have been around people who drink too much alcohol, and many of us have struggled with our eating habits; it seems that no one is immune to this dangerous sin.

At the root of our excessive eating (or the other extreme, dieting) and drinking is the desire to fill the emptiness inside with some sort of contentment. To learn more, listen to GroundWork’s episode, “Gluttony.”

Can gluttony apply to things besides our eating and drinking? Jerod Clark thinks so. What are other ways that we take to excess to find happiness or that feel good moment?

Finally, take a look at the three spiritual disciplines contemporary theologians think the Church desperately needs to embrace today. The first one is fasting, the counterpart to gluttony because it reminds us that our deepest hungers can only be satisfied by God.

This post is about gluttony, food, fasting, and contentment.

The photo is from the Orange County Archives. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.