Stations of the Cross

At Christ Community Church, we spent this week following the true story of Jesus’ suffering. We gathered crosses from our Church building and from families in our community to design each station. Then, we added some items for reflection and spent time in prayer after reading the biblical text. For many, it was a powerful experience and Spirit-filled time.

We thought we’d share the experience with all of you. Download the booklet, Stations of the Cross 2013, and if you’d like, use the pictures of each station below.

P1010286 P1010287 P1010288 P1010289 P1010290 P1010291 P1010292 P1010293 P1010294 P1010295 P1010296 P1010298 P1010299P1010285

This post is the final in a series of Holy Week reflections.