Sunday Follow Up

On April 28, 2013, Pastor Chelsey’s message, “Our Eyes are on You” was from 2 Chronicles 20.1-30. You can hear it on our website (or in the archives). This message applies directly to events happening in the life of Christ Community Church as we seek out God’s desires for our church family. Nonetheless the same principles of seeking God, humbling ourselves, praying, and turning to follow God, apply to each of our lives.

no food or drinkDuring the sermon, we  briefly touched on Jehoshophat’s call to all of Judah to fast because he was afraid of their earthly enemies.

The spiritual discipline of fasting helps us to rightly order our desires and emotions by leading us to crave Christ. To learn more about fasting, consider the following books:
The Spirituality of Fasting (link includes a book review)
Fasting (link includes a lengthy interview with the author)

For a brief overview of what fasting is, and what it is meant to do, check out this short article, “Fasting: A Technique?”

Photo by Brian Snelson. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

This post is a follow up to a message preached by Rev. Chelsey Harmon at Christ Community Church in Nanaimo, BC. It provides resources and encouragement for the spiritual discipline of fasting.

“Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend”

Everyone’s watchin’ to see what you will do
Everyone’s lookin’ at you, Oh
Everyone’s wonderin’ will you come out tonight
Everyone’s tryin’ to get it right, get it right

Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend…


Funny how Loverboy’s song hits on two different- yet important- views. First, there’s the opinion that work is about getting us to the weekend, filling the time between the fun with the money that funds our adventures. And then there’s the view that everyone’s watching, looking, wondering what we will do.

As Christians, our whole lives are a testimony to God, including the day jobs that get us to the weekend. How can we think about our daily work as part of our discipleship?

There are a number of good books on the subject to get you thinking. Check out a list of them here to get you started.

Or, here’s a shorter piece that will challenge you to see yourself as a contributor– the first role given to humans in the Garden of Eden.

Finally, be inspired by a real life story of faith, work, and doing things ‘right’ for the glory of God in “The Moral Mattress Kings of Denver” from Christianity Today’s series This is Our City.

This post is about work and our everyday jobs. It provides inspiration, a challenge and resources for thinking theologically about our callings.


At Christ Community Church, we’re finishing up The Marriage Course from Alpha, so this week all of our links have to do with married life: love, communication in conflict, and the road to ruin– if you don’t pay attention.

What does love look like way down the line, when one of you is slipping away? Learn and see in Bill and Glad’s short video.

What might keep you from that long lasting love? Watch for the “four things that kill relationships.”

Looking for some ways to utilize technology in your relationship building? Check out these Apps for Married Couples gathered by Simple Marriage.

This post provides resources, inspiration and challenges for our communication, commitment and use of technology in marriage.

Prayer Summit 2013

Our denomination, the Christian Reformed Church of North America, is gathering next week for a Prayer Summit in Southern California.

Even if you can’t make it to the actual event, you are invited to join in praying. There is a weeklong “Guide to Prayer” you can follow as well as two opportunities to watch a webcast and spend time in prayer. On Tuesday, April 16, Richard Mouw will be speaking, and on Wednesday, April 17, Jeffrey Hough will lead. Visit here to learn more about these Watch and Pray Events.

What is prayer to you?

This post provides resources and opportunities to practice prayer for the church.

Sunday follow up: “Look at Jesus”


This short follow up to Sunday’s message by Pastor Chelsey from Luke 24.13-35, “The Best Kind of Heartburn,” reminds us who we are looking for and how to look for him in our modern post-Resurrection walks.

NT Wright encourages us to spend more time with Jesus by spending more time getting to know him in the Gospels.


This post is a follow up to a sermon preached by Rev. Chelsey Harmon at Christ Community Church in Nanaimo, BC on April 7, 2013. Because of technical issues, the sermon is not available online.

Faith Talks start when they’re young, but don’t end when you’re gone

Today’s posts all deal with engaging your children and grandchildren in faith talks.

The first comes from Michael Kelley, and helps you think of ways to engage your school aged kids in conversation about their day.

Then, there is the story of one pastor’s family and their struggle to be real for the good of their high school and adult children. Even though it is written by someone in the ministry, we can all relate to being a “Not-So-Perfect” family.

Finally, there’s the letter from a grandfather to the many generations after him. Though it was meant to be read at his funeral, the family didn’t find it until years later; the impact may be even more powerful because of it.


This post is about family faith talk.

Easter Sunday follow up

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen!

On Sunday, March 31st, our Easter message, “Dead is dead, right?” was from 1 Corinthians 15.12-26 as we reflected on the need for Jesus’ resurrection to be real as we look ahead to our future. You can listen to it on Christ Community Church’s sermon website (or in the archives).

John Updike’s poem, “Seven Stanzas At Easter” is a reflection on the same biblical truth: the resurrection was, is, real!

And what does it all mean for us today? Bob Robinson offers a few good reasons that line up with 1 Corinthians 15 over at; be sure to check out the book recommendations if you want to do some more thinking on the subject.

This post is a follow up to a sermon preached by Rev. Chelsey Harmon at Christ Community Church in Nanaimo, BC on March 31, 2013.