You can’t avoid the ‘birds and the bees’ forever

Nor is talking about sex something you should want to avoid with your children and teenagers.

Erica Schemper shares her thoughts about parenting, sexuality and Christianity in this muddied world. She writes,

recent events remind me that I can’t just teach my kids a list of dos and don’ts. If I leave it at that, it’s quite possible that they miss the point that sex is a good thing, and that there’s an enormous distinction between healthy sexuality and sexual abuse and violence.

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Corey Allan encourages parents to use the opportunities to talk about sex with their children when they naturally arise in “How to talk to your children about sex.”

Fuller Youth Institute offers an audio seminar on talking to teens about sex, hosted by Kara Powell.

The Christian Reformed Church has this resource for parents, teens and youth groups as well: “Driver’s Training for Dating: Sex and Intimacy for Healthy Relationships.”


This post shares resources and a challenge for parents to engage their children and teens in meaningful conversation about sex, dating, healthy sexuality and relationships.

Doubting Thomases populate the world

Nickel Creek has a beautiful little song called “Doubting Thomas.” The chorus goes like this:

I’m a doubting Thomas
I took a promise
But I do not feel safe
Oh me of little faith

Doubt happens to all of us. What we do with it matters. More importantly, how God uses it matters.

To learn that lesson take a cue from the recently passed Dallas Willard.

“If you’re going to be a doubter, make sure you doubt your doubts as well as your beliefs.”

Watch the rest of the short interview to hear what he means and why being in community with our doubts matters to God.

Finding a resource to help with doubt is a tricky one. Can you “solve” the problem of doubt if you aren’t convinced it’s a problem but actually part of your faith development? There are lots of good books out there to support you as you wrestle, not the least of which is God’s good book, so how about a prayer?

Here’s a challenge from Stephen Altrogge. The title is enough to pique curiosity: “Jesus Doesn’t Think My Doubt Is Cool.”

Finally, here’s a video that underscores that you aren’t the only Doubting Thomas in the world:

This post provides inspiration, challenge, and a resource for Christians as they grapple with doubt.

“Listen– You Hear Better That Way”

We all hear, but do we really listen? More than once Jesus said, “Let anyone who has ears, hear!” At other times, it was simply, “Listen!” It’s hard to listen to God, it’s hard to listen to our neighbour, and sometimes it’s even hard to listen to ourselves.

Listening to God and to our ourselves are posts for another day. Today, our links are about listening to others.

The Higher Calling blog offers three ways to listen (including resources), whether professionally or personally.

Give yourself a check with these “3 Symptoms of a Lousy Listener.”

And take a cue from the Saviour about the importance and power of listening by reading and being encouraged by Amy Hauptman’s “Who’s Listening?”

This post provides resources, stories and ideas about listening and communication.

Mother’s Day Encouragement

Mother's day pancakesMother’s Day comes every year, and with it comes all sorts of emotions. Our links today are meant to encourage women, wherever they are.

In “Dear Mother…” one woman writes a letter to Moms everywhere with a loud: There is on perfect mother.

And “What if You Really Are Just a Mom?” See motherhood for the gift and calling it is.

Finally, one woman shares from her personal growth in Christ in “How God Makes Beauty from Barrenness” about being used by God as a spiritual mother.

Photo by Michael Cote. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

Sunday Follow Up

Freedom which does not discernthe boundaries of human life leaves us anxious.

-Walter Brueggemann

On Sunday, May 5, 2013 at Christ Community Church, Pastor Chelsey shared a message from Genesis 2.4b-3.7 called “The Way We Are.” You can listen to that message on our website (or in the archives).

The message focused on understanding how God has given us limits in this world– limits that protect us and guide us to enjoying true contentment in Christ.

Joshua Becker expands on the thinking in his post, “Our Resources are Finite. And it Matters.”


This post is a follow up to a resource to a sermon preached by Rev. Chelsey Harmon at Christ Community Church in Nanaimo, BC on May 5, 2013.

I’m an Introvert, how ’bout you?

AlonePart of the beauty of being a people made in the image of a diverse God is that we’re different from one another. Part of the challenge of being diverse is that we don’t always understand each other.

This difference in the Christian life is especially true for introversion and extroversion. We can tend to believe that faith should be expressed in particular ways with particular practices. We confuse being friendly with being talkative during the Church coffee hour, and alone time with “me” time.

The links today all have to do with learning more about introverts. (Extroverts tend to do a good job about letting the world know what they need…)

Laura Marcus shares the scariness of the church hall for an introvert and offers some ideas on how to grow.

Marc Cortez encourages other introverts to consider the ways they are making an impact on God’s kingdom through their service to others. Just because you aren’t the evangeliser, being the one who equips is just as important.

For those who wouldn’t call themselves an introvert, here’s some ideas on how to interact, in order to show love and respect,to the ‘other kind.’

Here’s a book review of Introverts in the Church: Finding our Place in an Extroverted Culture.

And just in case you’re an introvert who’s feeling a little down, check this out.

This post shares resources, ideas and inspiration for communication, relationship building and service, and deals directly with introversion.

Photo by Lee Haywood. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.