You can’t avoid the ‘birds and the bees’ forever

Nor is talking about sex something you should want to avoid with your children and teenagers.

Erica Schemper shares her thoughts about parenting, sexuality and Christianity in this muddied world. She writes,

recent events remind me that I can’t just teach my kids a list of dos and don’ts. If I leave it at that, it’s quite possible that they miss the point that sex is a good thing, and that there’s an enormous distinction between healthy sexuality and sexual abuse and violence.

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Corey Allan encourages parents to use the opportunities to talk about sex with their children when they naturally arise in “How to talk to your children about sex.”

Fuller Youth Institute offers an audio seminar on talking to teens about sex, hosted by Kara Powell.

The Christian Reformed Church has this resource for parents, teens and youth groups as well: “Driver’s Training for Dating: Sex and Intimacy for Healthy Relationships.”


This post shares resources and a challenge for parents to engage their children and teens in meaningful conversation about sex, dating, healthy sexuality and relationships.