Sex, Intimacy, Singleness, and a whole big mess

Pastor Chelsey wrote an article for our denominational magazine’s July issue (The Banner) entitled “Single and Sexual: As God Created Us.” In it, she offers some practical advice and tries to help us navigate between the truth and the false expectations given to the various kinds of people who find themselves as single adults.

The Banner published another article in tandem with Pastor Chelsey’s that may prove to challenge what you believe about sex, marriage, and the Church’s position. The thoughts expressed in “Where Do We Draw the Line?” do not represent the position of the Christian Reformed Church or of Christ Community Church in Nanaimo, but they can serve as a catalyst for you to decide where you draw the line in faithfulness to God’s Word and call to integrity, as well as lead you to wonder what role the community plays in drawing lines for one another.

As you may be able to imagine, an article that questions basic moral positions in the Church has caused quite a stir (the comments section attests to the mess.) But you’re likely to get into a mess dealing with such a sensitive topic, and the Spirit of God can be found in the hospitality as well as conflict. You can read both articles (or just Pastor Chelsey’s lead article) on the page “Sex, Intimacy, and the Single Person.” 

Then, you can read an encouraging story of a young woman trying to live with integrity within her sexuality: Olympic athlete, Lolo Jones.


This post shares stories, inspiration, encouragement and a challenge on the way we think about singleness, sexuality and sex in the Christian life.