Sunday Follow-Up: Silence and Receiving Grace

SilenceOn Sunday, September 22, 2013, Pastor Chelsey shared a message from Ephesians 2.1-10 as part of a series entitled “In Christ.” You can listen to the sermon on our current series’ website (or in the archives). We talked about how grace is given to us by God, never earned or “got,” and about how we open ourselves to receive God’s presence, grace, and transformation more than we ought to focus on working to put ourselves in a ‘good position’ for God. Most importantly, we came to the realization that we need Jesus to rescue us everyday.

What is grace exactly?  Read on.

During the message, Pastor Chelsey shared a story about a friend who was learning this truth about receiving rather than working towards God’s grace. Here’s another example of someone who sees God’s grace as the bigger story- rather than what she was able to accomplish: “Eating, Body Image, and the Gospel.”

Finally, one of the ways that we can be open to receiving from God is by practicing the spiritual discipline of silence. Pete Scazzero offers rationale and tips, as well as a video of his worshiping community practicing the discipline, on his blog.

This post talks about grace, the spiritual discipline of silence, and being open to God. It is a follow-up to a sermon preached by Rev. Chelsey L. Harmon at Christ Community Church in Nanaimo, BC.

Photo by Sean MacEntee. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.