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“Why do we need Physical Rest?” Let Matt walk you through the many, many reasons.

The High Calling offers a number of different ways that rest plays a role in our spiritual (and therefore overall) well-being. They also link to a free online stress test to help you see how you’re faring.

What’s something to do once you’ve realized there isn’t enough rest in your lifestyle? Margaret says to find what makes you more alive.


This post is for adults and teens. It encourages rest, a reflection on lifestyle, and stress.

Photo by Oliver Kendal. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

Got the Parenting Blues?

I forced down a sob when I said the words, ‘This parenting thing is so hard.’

Been there, felt that? Kristen shares more in, “When Parenting Knocks the Breath Out of You.”

As a single parent sometimes easily overrun by decisions and judgement calls needed to be made, I try my best to parent beyond me.

Let Guy share more of his journey as a single father with you in, “Parenting beyond Me.”

Every time I ask the kids if they want to go to church with me and they say no, it’s hard not to become upset or even angry. At them, for not wanting to go. At Jason, for making it easier for them to say no. At the Church, for not being absolutely irresistible to them. At me, for not being a better example of why we should go to services.

Alise shares about the struggles of faith and seeking when only one parent believes in Jesus in “Christian Parenting When Only One Parent is Christian.”

Finally, find some encouragement as a parent (or as a child looking to avoid being like your parents) from the genealogy of Jesus found in Matthew. It’s “An Unlikely Source of Reminder” that

Children do not always follow in the ways of their parents.

Parents don’t always guide their children into their ways.


This post is for parents and is meant to encourage them in various circumstances, including single parenting.

Don’t get “lost in transition”

At Christ Community Church we are reading the Gospel of Mark together. This week we’re in chapter 2; and as we heard in Sunday’s message, Jesus is still bringing change to his people. To hear or read more connected to our series, “Who do you say I am?” visit our church’s current series website (or in the archives).

So how do we treat these transitions?

Sarah shares about trusting God with the future over at The Evangelical Outpost.

Distinct Disciples offers some suggestions for honouring God and leaving well when you know it’s time to resign from your current role at work.

The High Calling offers a number of posts and links for changes at home, work and in the community. Be sure to click on them!

This post addresses life transitions.

Bible Reading Plans

We like to start off the year with a post about Bible Reading Plans.

Bbile timeTim Chester shares what his worship community is using, including a handy postcard size printout and some encouragement for the adventure.

And if you really want some options, Ligionier’s website offers a whole bunch of them. Options range from reading them in chronological order of events, order of when they were written, reading over two years instead of one, and much more.


Photo by Brett Jordan. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.