Kids and TV

Kid watching TVToday we’re sharing three links to help parents with deciding what, when, and how to shape TV time.

The first comes from the Washington Post and can be used for any technology that requires a screen: “Screen-time tips for parents.”

The Banner, a Christian magazine, offers five links to websites that will help parents review content for video games, movies, music, books and smart phone/tablet apps.

Especially in Christian circles, I hear plenty of pontificating on the evils of American entertainment, but as a parent, what I need most is realistic advice for the world I live in. Most of us are not going to burn our TVs. Most of us need a positive and practical model for how to raise “media wise” kids. That model should address not just the content of what we show our kids, but also the form it comes in and how it’s made. That’s why media literacy matters.

-Andrea Palpant Dilley

Read Andrea’s guide to media literacy for parents on Christianity Today‘s website.

Photo by Gustavo Gomez. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.