Coming to Terms with Strength in Weakness

The events of the Good Friday story show us God’s understanding of strength in weakness. Though we live the truth of Good Friday and Easter each day of our lives, Lent seems to afford a sobering opportunity for such reflection.

strengthWhat might it look like for a church community to value weakness for the sake of Christ? Weakness is a Core Value at Holy Trinity Church.

What about when you feel weak? Who is your strength? Read on in “When I am Weak…”

Richard Dahlstrom shares some thoughts on “Strength, Weakness, and the Strength of Weakness,” including that:

Jesus tells us that His strength is made perfect right in the midst of our weakness, and this leaves me wondering if our obsessions towards a weakness free, and suffering free life, aren’t in fact making us weak.


Photo by Bhope34. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.