Though pilgrima…


Though pilgrimages are good for the spirit, if you can’t find Jesus in your hometown, you probably aren’t going to find him in Jerusalem.

Richard Rohr wrote that, and it’s all of our challenge.

The blog will be on hiatus for a few weeks as Pastor Chelsey goes on pilgrimage with a group led by Under the Fig Tree Ministries. See you in late May.

When Your Kid is on the Field

For most families, organized sports make up a lot of our free time. More and more, it’s becoming a year round cycle as kids move from one team to another, one seasonal sport to another. little league

We’ve also all heard the stories in the news about parents kicked out of ice rinks and off the field for their bad behaviour. How does our faith and Christian life intersect our children’s hobbies?

Jose shares “5 godly lessons from sports” and parenting.

Dan reflects on the bad example he set for his daughter while jeering from the sidelines.

Tina has collected a few different pieces on Families and Sports including a mom’s thoughts on how sports have had a positive impact on her family, what to do about sporting events on Sundays, a reflection on the spiritual growth of one child through his participation in Little League, and sports as a way to bring God glory.


Photo by Rob Zand. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

At the Cross of Jesus

As we move closer to Good Friday, take some time to reflect on Jesus’ story and its shaping of your own.crosses

Christ Community Church has been journeying through the Gospel of Mark since the beginning of the year. Each week, their Pastor has shared reflections on the text that weren’t touched upon on the sermons. Read the reflection for Mark 15, “When a story ends & Hearing a New Grace” if you want to find some new perspective.

Here are three reflections on why Holy Week and what Jesus did still matters everyday from The High Calling:

¬†How can our lives intersect with the slow, significant events of the cross? Read on in, “Why Holy Week Matters: Meeting Jesus at the Table”

Jesus understands what it means to worry and be overwhelmed. Learn from him in “Why Holy Week Matters: Letting Go in the Garden”

Finally, don’t take the sacrifice of the cross for granted, instead, “Why Holy Week Matters: Taking Up Your Cross”


The image, “Crosses” is ¬©CreationSwap/Ron Loveday.

Holy Week Prayer and Reflection Guides

Here are a few online prayer and reflection guides you can use to guide you through the events that led to Jesus’ death on the cross.

Last year, Christ Community Church hosted a Stations of the Cross. Though we aren’t hosting a physical venue, you can use these pictures of the stations as well as the downloadable reflection booklet.

Here is a guided reflection with artwork for the Last Seven Words of Christ.

An alternate Stations of the Cross with artwork and reflections is available on Sacred Art Meditations’ website.

May you be drawn into closer communion with God.

In Your Grief and Suffering, You are not Alone

Suffering and grief are real, so is the journey through it.

Though we may want to know why bad things happen, this excerpt from Glorious Ruin helps us come to terms that “We may never get an Explanation.”

Here’s encouragement and guidance for people in mourning, put together by a funeral Director: “The Mourner’s Bill of Rights.” Those who want to comfort someone in mourning will learn a few things as well.

Finally, here’s some encouragement from Scripture.