What comes after “Here comes the bride”?

You’ve been married for a few years, maybe more, maybe less. Communication and love are more important than ever between you and your partner, but it’s easy to fall into some ruts and bad habits, relying on the spark of love (or something else) to see you through.

Getting MarriedDon’t settle for bad habits of speaking to one another.

Sandra shares a real-life warning story why.

Use these six questions for a healthier way of loving and serving your partner.

Let Sharon encourage you with her piece, “Why My Husband of Three Years and I Go To Marriage Counseling.”


Photo by JD Hancock. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

Tech Resources to enrich your Bible Reading

We continue our focus on Scripture reading for one more week.

As technology continues to develop, better and better resources are becoming available to the Christian community.

There’s nothing like a good study Bible. But what is really cool about the Faithlife Study Bible is the number of maps, diagrams, and pictures that help you understand the context of the biblical text– all just with a simple click of the mouse. Faithlife is giving away itself away through a software download, enabling you to have a study Bible on your Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone, Android, Kindle.

Another interactive Bible to check out is the Glo Bible. There are two platforms, one free, one at cost (that sometimes goes on sale). A unique feature of the Glo Bible is the number of photographs and ‘encyclopedia’ type articles that connect with places, people and things in the biblical narrative.

There’s another gift at our disposal as readers of God’s Word, though it is much less practiced– reading Scripture with people from the past. Here are two online & free resources to connect you with the writings of people from the Church across time: Monergism and CCEL. Both are searchable theological libraries full of writings from the ‘cloud of faithful witnesses.’

The Psalms continued

As we continue our series at Christ Community Church with the Psalms as our Prayerbook, we’re sharing a few more contemporary reflections from around the internet.

First, here’s another look at “Why Read the Psalms?”

Let Eugene Peterson guide you in a reflection on Psalm 114. This will especially speak to those of us who find ourselves seeking to praise God while in the great outdoors.

Tony wonders how following the portrait of Psalm 96 might look nowadays.

You’ve sung “This is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it” from more times than you can count. What does that even mean? See what Michael thinks about Psalm 118.