Young, Restless, on the Job Market

Job Search


But, “What if you don’t know what to do with your Life?”

“Does God care where you work” anyway?

A prayer for the job hunt.

And how about looking at the future as an invitation to “Choose your own adventure.”


Photo by Kate Hiscock. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

Praying for the World: Israel & Palestine

As Christians, we are the children of Abraham, called by God to be a blessing to all the nations of the world. (Genesis 12) One of the ways that we fulfill this call is through prayer and action. Sometimes, it’s easy to know what to pray, other times, the political-historical-economic-cultural climates of a situation makes it more difficult. The conflict between Israel and Palestine seems to be one of those more difficult situations.

Blood-BrothersToday, we’re sharing some links to help you know what and how to pray.

A good place to start is to understand the recent history of the region. It’s as simple as reading the Wikipedia page on Israel. Or, read a book, such as Blood Brothers by Elias Chacour.

The Office of Social Justice of the CRC has a page devoted to links with information and organizations on their Middle East page.

As you pray, consider joining the Hope Equals initiative.

Sabbath: Role Reversal

A couple of weeks ago at Christ Community Church, we briefly considered the fact that God took a Sabbath from his work before sin became an everyday part of the world. Since then, it’s humans that take the Sabbath, not God.

Here on the blog, we’re going to keep talking about Sabbath until more people are actually practicing it.

To motivate you to faithfulness in this area, we’ve got a number of different options.

A review on a book about why “Rest Works.”

Or, an excerpt from Sabbath in the Suburbs: A Family’s Experiment with Holy Time.

There’s a whole swath of good stuff to get you thinking (and doing) about the Sabbath over at The High Calling. Check out, “Reclaiming Sabbath Keeping.”