It’s Resolution Time

January is the time of year that online dating sites, diet pills and exercise regimes see a significant uptick in interest. As people around the world think of ways they want to improve themselves, we at Christ Community Church are seeking to understand something much more important: God changing us.

Slide1You can join us by listening to the messages on our current series page and checking out those labeled “Colossians 3.1-17.”

You can think more about what spiritual formation means at the Apprentice Institute’s blog, part 5 is particularly good!

Much of my frustration in growing as a Christian is because sanctification isn’t exactly like my job. Yes, my effort does affect my growth but I can’t simply produce the desired outcome from my performance alone. I’m learning that while I certainly play a part in my maturity I can’t just will it through hard work.

-Dustin Crowe

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