“When Christ who is your life is revealed, then you also will be revealed with him in glory.”

We’re continuing to take some time reflecting on what being united with Christ means for us as Christians by studying Colossians 3.1-17. Last Sunday we considered what it means for Christians to be united with Jesus’ return and what happens to us at the final judgment.

One thing Scripture makes clear in its teaching on the subject: everyone faces the final judgment. We Christians, however, face that judgment without fear because of “The One Reason We Are Worthy.”

We are “Clothed in the Righteousness of Christ” and seek to live the life our new clothes describe–living with integrity— as citizens of the kingdom of God which Jesus so aptly described in the Sermon on the Mount (among other places). By living through the Holy Spirit’s transforming power, we prepare to welcome Jesus back to earth.

In all these things, Christ’s glory shines and we are caught up in the light.