The Spirit of the Age(s) and the Spirit of God

1 John Series PromoOn Sunday, we read and learned from 1 John 4.12-5.4. We spent a significant amount of time thinking about the “spirits” that John tells us to test against the Holy Spirit’s testimony to the Gospel by thinking about the cultural forces that have influenced the church in unhealthy ways.

How can we tell whether a spirit is from God or not? By knowing God’s Spirit well. And one of the ways to know God’s Spirit well is to spend time with God. Rowan Williams calls meditation “deeply revolutionary.”

The biblical example of Daniel shows us how to engage culture and the “spirits of the age” while still abiding in the Spirit of God. Richard explains how.

Finally, always remember:

Love is God’s supreme binding agent. Love in any quantity counts. Even if you can’t love a lot, at least love a little, and little by little God will free you from fear and hatred and even death.

The above quote is from “Do You Build Fences or Dig Wells?” which is a short reflection on the sermon text.

Sin and abiding in God’s light

As we continue our journey with 1 John we cannot help but talk about sin. Sin belongs to the darkness, and in Jesus there is no darkness at all.

“If we Love God, Why Do We Sin?”

As we’ve also learned in 1 John, we’re going to sin. Sin does lots of bad things, including pulling us further into the darkness with its lies.

But do not be discouraged!