Our church is participating in World Renew’s yearly World Hunger Campaign. This year, Peter Fish turns 20! Wow!

The theme is “Fish for Change.” You can learn more about the work that will be done around the world through the funds raised by watching this video:

Here’s a link to a family devotional you can use over the next two weeks.
To donate directly and online, go here, or use the Feed Your Fish App.

Last but not least, use the #PeterFishTravels to show where your Peter Fish is going!

Thanksgiving shouldn’t be a Once a Year Holiday

Gratitude changes the way we look at the world

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend, but for the people of God, gratitude should be a defining characteristic of our lives.

What’s “The One Question That Creates Humility and Thankfulness”?

Here’s a simple list of how gratitude changes our sense of entitlement.

And for fun, what you can learn about enjoying life from the family dog.

Graphic by Symphony of Love. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.