Responding with Love

Disciples of Jesus are committed to following his ways. Since God is love, we learn to love from him. In particular, we learn to give agape love– love that expects nothing in return. Here are a few pieces to continue your reflection on love as God wants us to understand it.

Learn from a child that “Love Cannot be Measured.”

Love is God’s instrument for binding the world together. There are also other attempts to accomplish this task. Some will try hate to unite people. Some will use fear. Both will work for a season or two. So will suffering and need. But love has enduring power. In contrast, sooner or later hate becomes self-destructive. And the causes of fear, suffering, and need eventually either resolve themselves or fragment into self-interest. But love never ends.

Read on in “Do you Build Fences or Dig Wells?”

In a world where we feel as though we have to ‘return the favour’ or wonder why someone is being nice to us, there is power in being people who do good simply in order to do good. The first step to changing is knowing what needs to change… So how do you know if you’re keeping ‘score’ in your friendships? Tim offers some advice.