Continuing to think about Love

Can you really talk about love enough? God is love, after all. As Christians, we are distinctly called to love.

To love our enemies….

To build community through love…

To remember the love is above anything else we might do…

Love is a behaviour, not just a feeling

On Sunday, June 30, we had a special worship service at Christ Community Church. We celebrated God’s feast of love, the Lord’s Supper; heard a message from 1 Corinthians 13, “All You Need is Love” (listen on our current series site or in the archives); and witnessed the marriage of two of our members.


This week’s links are a follow up to that service and are meant to help you live love.
First, be inspired by Caitlin Crosby’s 12 minute TED talk, “Love is the Key.” It includes her singing!

Second, use “10 Tips for Unifying Your Family” to catalyst you to express love to those you spend most of your time with.

Third, ask yourself, “Are You Killing People On Facebook?” (or anywhere online…)
Photo by Camdiluv. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

This post provides inspiration on living a life defined by love. It is a follow up to a message preached by Rev. Chelsey Harmon at Christ Community Church, in Nanaimo, BC on June 30, 2013.