Beginning a journey with 1 John

1 John Series Promo

We’ve begun a journey with 1 John at Christ Community Church and invite you to join us.

Here on the blog we’ll be sharing some added resources, thought provokers and challenges to action.

We begin with highlighting a series on The High Calling on 1 John; first up one that applies directly to last Sunday’s text, 1 John 1.1-4: “What Is It Like to Feel God’s Touch?”

On Sunday we also talked about the peculiar nature of the church community. Though we are to be open and welcoming, there is something distinct and special about the fellowship of the church. If we can’t love the people we are united in Christ with, how can we even imagine loving those who don’t know Christ? But what if you’re trying to figure out how to “love THOSE weirdos,” as Josh not so delicately puts it?