Advent Devotionals

We invite you to take the time this season to slow down from the hustle and bustle. There are lots of free devotionals that can help you do just that:

A downloadable weekly family devotional to go along with lighting your Advent Wreath Candles from The High Calling.

A downloadable Advent Paper Chain calendar to do with kids from KidsCorner (ReFrame Media).

A downloadable daily devotional and prayer guide (taken from Seeking God’s Face) for adults.

Sign up to get the short, daily Today devotional emailed to you directly. This year’s theme: “Waiting in Expectation.”

Or, join the CRC’s Office of Social Justice & World Renew for daily emailed devotionals having to do with “Displacement & Belonging.”


Advent 2014 continued

Still not settled that taking extra time during the weeks leading up to Christmas with God matters? Susan has some thoughts for you in “Channeling the Anticipation of Advent.”

Still not settled on what you’re going to use this season with your kids? How about this downloadable Advent Calendar from Kids Corner.

Don’t let this month be just about what you’re going to buy…

Advent 2014

Advent starts on Sunday, November 30.

If you haven’t found a devotional to use this season, here are a few you can have emailed directly to your inbox.

The Today devotional (which is year round).

Advent Devotions written by missionaries around the world.

Or, a devotion called “Reconciliation Breaking Through” which reflects on the work of reconciliation Jesus gives to his followers.

Sunday Follow-Up #2

This post from Mark Altrogge builds on Sunday’s message, “The Son Born Immanuel” so nicely that we couldn’t resist sharing a second Sunday resource.

When instability is all around you, remember these 13 promises from God. Are there other verses that help you stand firm in faith?


This post is a follow-up to the Sunday morning message at Christ Community Church. It provides a resource on Scripture reading and trusting God.

Christmas is coming…

…and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Or is there?

This will be the only post for 2012 about Christmas, so rejoice and be glad!

Here’s a good reminder about what does– and doesn’t– bring actual joy by Tim Challies.

Tired of the Hallmark and Lifetime Channel’s Christmas movies? Try out some of these recommended films. The list is a couple of years old- have any other films made the cut since then?

Looking for a challenge this season? How about giving back with The High Calling’s Advent Challenge?

And here’s a real bonus: Simple Christmas resources galore from Becoming Minimalist.

This post gives ideas for families and adults for Christmas and advent. These resources encourage service, giving, reflection, building relationships and responsible movie watching.

Photo by tackyshack. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.