When Your Kid is on the Field

For most families, organized sports make up a lot of our free time. More and more, it’s becoming a year round cycle as kids move from one team to another, one seasonal sport to another. little league

We’ve also all heard the stories in the news about parents kicked out of ice rinks and off the field for their bad behaviour. How does our faith and Christian life intersect our children’s hobbies?

Jose shares “5 godly lessons from sports” and parenting.

Dan reflects on the bad example he set for his daughter while jeering from the sidelines.

Tina has collected a few different pieces on Families and Sports including a mom’s thoughts on how sports have had a positive impact on her family, what to do about sporting events on Sundays, a reflection on the spiritual growth of one child through his participation in Little League, and sports as a way to bring God glory.


Photo by Rob Zand. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.