Advent Devotionals

We invite you to take the time this season to slow down from the hustle and bustle. There are lots of free devotionals that can help you do just that:

A downloadable weekly family devotional to go along with lighting your Advent Wreath Candles from The High Calling.

A downloadable Advent Paper Chain calendar to do with kids from KidsCorner (ReFrame Media).

A downloadable daily devotional and prayer guide (taken from Seeking God’s Face) for adults.

Sign up to get the short, daily Today devotional emailed to you directly. This year’s theme: “Waiting in Expectation.”

Or, join the CRC’s Office of Social Justice & World Renew for daily emailed devotionals having to do with “Displacement & Belonging.”


Our church is participating in World Renew’s yearly World Hunger Campaign. This year, Peter Fish turns 20! Wow!

The theme is “Fish for Change.” You can learn more about the work that will be done around the world through the funds raised by watching this video:

Here’s a link to a family devotional you can use over the next two weeks.
To donate directly and online, go here, or use the Feed Your Fish App.

Last but not least, use the #PeterFishTravels to show where your Peter Fish is going!

Lenten Devotionals

Today marks the beginning of the season of Lent, the 40 days of preparation leading up to Easter. In case you are looking for a way to focus your spiritual life during this season, we’ve got a few items for you to consider.

6918887663_1d0ebf08dc_zSign up here to either download or to receive daily emails of a short devotional that focuses on the cross of Christ.

Here are 40 ideas on how to mark the season.

Have children? This site has resources to help you celebrate and grow as a family.

Finally, it’s worth taking a moment to read “Not Your Typical Ash Wednesday.”

Photo by Jamie. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

Advent 2014 continued

Still not settled that taking extra time during the weeks leading up to Christmas with God matters? Susan has some thoughts for you in “Channeling the Anticipation of Advent.”

Still not settled on what you’re going to use this season with your kids? How about this downloadable Advent Calendar from Kids Corner.

Don’t let this month be just about what you’re going to buy…

Advent 2014

Advent starts on Sunday, November 30.

If you haven’t found a devotional to use this season, here are a few you can have emailed directly to your inbox.

The Today devotional (which is year round).

Advent Devotions written by missionaries around the world.

Or, a devotion called “Reconciliation Breaking Through” which reflects on the work of reconciliation Jesus gives to his followers.

You and the Psalms

At Christ Community Church we’re beginning a short journey with the Bible’s song & prayerbook, the Psalms. On Sunday, Pastor Chelsey shared her prayer for the congregation through this series, that each of us would see how the Psalms are prayers that we can use today in a number of different ways: giving us words and images to pray, freeing us to express our true emotions or feelings, guiding us in theological reflection as we connect our lives with the words of the Psalms, helping us find ourselves in God’s big story and his people’s history, and serving as a launchpad for our own prayers.

To think more about what the Psalms, as God’s Word, have the power to do, read “Scripture Teaches us How to Speak.”

To read an example of the Psalms’ power today, learn from Micha and her son in “Lament and Faith and Childhood: Why my kid and I read the sad Psalms.”

To try your hand as a family, consider using these free downloadable and printable devotions from Robert and Laura Keeley.

Lenten Devotionals and Prayer Guides

Even though the Christian season of Lent started last week, it isn’t too late to get into a spiritual practice of devotions and prayer. In case you are still looking for a guide, here are a few.

From The High Calling, “Knowing Jesus Better.”

From Church of the Servant in Grand Rapids, MI, “The Journey to Jerusalem.”

From The Gospel Coalition, “Journey to the Cross.”

From the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship, “Prayers for Lent.”

May the Lord Bless and Keep you as you seek him.