Challenging our Ideas about Doubt

After twenty years of deep doubt, my conversion was more like what Methodism founder John Wesley described as a “heart strangely warmed.” It came in the form of a two-word question. Over a period of weeks and months, I simply began to ask, again and again, “Why not?”

What happens when you ask questions of your doubt? Michelle started to do so and found herself exploring a faith she held at arm’s length for much too long.

When might doubt be a good thing? What happens when we let Jesus show us what is certain? Rich explains in “When Certainty Kills.”

What does faith have over doubt? The courage to choose to act, no matter what we’re feeling.


Doubting Thomases populate the world

Nickel Creek has a beautiful little song called “Doubting Thomas.” The chorus goes like this:

I’m a doubting Thomas
I took a promise
But I do not feel safe
Oh me of little faith

Doubt happens to all of us. What we do with it matters. More importantly, how God uses it matters.

To learn that lesson take a cue from the recently passed Dallas Willard.

“If you’re going to be a doubter, make sure you doubt your doubts as well as your beliefs.”

Watch the rest of the short interview to hear what he means and why being in community with our doubts matters to God.

Finding a resource to help with doubt is a tricky one. Can you “solve” the problem of doubt if you aren’t convinced it’s a problem but actually part of your faith development? There are lots of good books out there to support you as you wrestle, not the least of which is God’s good book, so how about a prayer?

Here’s a challenge from Stephen Altrogge. The title is enough to pique curiosity: “Jesus Doesn’t Think My Doubt Is Cool.”

Finally, here’s a video that underscores that you aren’t the only Doubting Thomas in the world:

This post provides inspiration, challenge, and a resource for Christians as they grapple with doubt.

Praying Through it All

Christ Community Church is closing its series– but not its practice– on prayer this Sunday. What encouragement do we have to continue to be people of prayer? In other posts, we have shared ways to make prayer natural, reasons to pray, even ways to pray. Today, we look at stories and experiences of praying through everything that life and death brings. “Two similar stories. Two different Endings. God is Glorified in Both” share in the experience of life and death for two families who tell their story through video. Their posture before God will leave a mark.

Adam Holz shares some honest reflections in his piece, “Just Keep Talking… to God.”

When I’m consumed with anxiety — and, honestly, I often am — sometimes I simply forget that God doesn’t want me to carry that burden on my own.

If those words ring any note of truth for you, read the rest here.

Here’s a review of Mary Lou Quinlan’s The God Box. Even just the review gives you a pretty cool idea for practicing prayer.

This post is about prayer and provides inspiration, challenge and resources to enrich your individual practice, attitude and lifestyle.

Photo by Ramanan V. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.