Sunday follow up

On Sunday, we thought about the immense ability of God to understand everything about us and our situations– including our suffering; we spent time with Psalm 139 in particular, and took hope from Romans 8. Due to technical difficulties, there is no recording of the message.

For us, our reflection on the Scriptures raised questions about an awful modern event: the martyrdom of 21 Christian brothers in Libya by ISIS militants.

As we continue to reflect on such things, here are two pieces from the same blog, The Twelve to get you thinking: “The Pastor’s Quandary” about praying and teaching about enemies, forgiveness, and justice. And “Outrage over ISIS: Five Appropriate Christian Responses.”


Continuing to think about Love

Can you really talk about love enough? God is love, after all. As Christians, we are distinctly called to love.

To love our enemies….

To build community through love…

To remember the love is above anything else we might do…