Good Reminders about Social Media

8583949219_f55657573e_zSometimes it’s good to be reminded of things that you kind of already know, especially when it comes to something that’s become as engrained into our daily lives as eating food.

Here are 15 helpful questions to ask yourself about your use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you’re really convicted, here’s a link to a more indepth examination.

Oh, and “Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life.”

Photo by Jason Howie. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

The Dangers Within: Envy

Mustache EnvyHave you ever said, “I’m so jealous!” when you hear of a friend’s awesome vacation plans, promotion, or new car? Most of the time we don’t really mean it. In fact, we may be saying it just to make sure they know how excited we are for them.

But sometimes, our motives aren’t so good and the words “I’m jealous!” tell the truth more than we realize. Looking at what others’ have compared to what we have, we become less content and more restless. Envy lurks within.

“Is Facebook envy making you miserable?” discusses the connection between Facebook and envy.
Michelle Van Loon offers a reflective self-diagnosis on the dangers (and losses) of housing envy at Her.meneutics.
And GroundWork media continues their series with an episode on Envy.

If not envy, then what? How about contentment and simplicity?
Donald Miller offers some thoughts on the downsized life at Storyline.
And here’s a blog list of sites to introduce, encourage and resource simple living.

This post is for adults and families and provides insights, stories and ideas that relate to envy, contentment, and simplicity.

Photo by Hey Paul Studios. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

Ready to dismiss Facebook? Not so fast…

Can’t understand the big hoopla? Don’t know why so many young adults and teens are being joined by the middle-aged and retired in the online world hosted by Facebook?

Practice a little empathy by reading one young adult’s perspective.


This post is about Facebook, community, Christian living, loneliness and relationships among adults, teens, and young adults.

Challenging you and your teens with Facebook

We hear a lot about why Facebook is dangerous, how it disconnects us from physical relationships, and how it distracts us from more “holy” pursuits. But what if we were more intentional?

Learn how in “Presence, Hospitality, and Facebook” and have a different¬†¬†kind of conversation about Facebook.

A second helpful article on the subject comes from Kristy Quist: “How to Encourage Christ-like Facebook behavior in your kids.”

This post was made with adults, parents, and teens who use Facebook in mind, and is meant to inspire us to view and use the medium in a different way.