Sunday Follow up: Kids and the More ‘Adult’ Parts of Scripture

On Sunday, guest preacher and church member Peter Sinclair shared a personal example of a rather common occurrence: parents’ desire and tendency to shield their kids from the violent/mature stories in Scripture. It caused a little bit of discussion after, and even during, the service…

On the blog, we’ve linked to a couple of different pieces on reading the Bible with children. You may remember this one on reading the ‘Sad Psalms’ (Laments) with your kids.

We’ve also made you aware of children’s story book Bibles, such as the one talked about in “Kiddos and the Bible”— a reflection that makes some good points about the drawbacks about simplifying and cleaning up biblical stories too much.

But what do you think about these sorts of stories for Sunday morning worship? “Kiddos and the Bible” led to further reflection by preaching professor Scott: “More on Those R-Rated Texts.” He shares what might be the good news to be found in those mature storylines and why they might be ‘just right’ for Sunday morning.


Making the most of our time with Family

Are you a parent seeking a more fulfilling balance of work and family life? Here are 7 suggestions (and a recommended book) to get you started.

When you look back at your kids’ childhood, what will you not regret having done? Tim shares his list of “18 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Kids.”

Don’t think your family’s busy schedule is leaving opportunity for faith practices? Traci has 6 places/times that might be hiding in plain sight.

Faith Talks start when they’re young, but don’t end when you’re gone

Today’s posts all deal with engaging your children and grandchildren in faith talks.

The first comes from Michael Kelley, and helps you think of ways to engage your school aged kids in conversation about their day.

Then, there is the story of one pastor’s family and their struggle to be real for the good of their high school and adult children. Even though it is written by someone in the ministry, we can all relate to being a “Not-So-Perfect” family.

Finally, there’s the letter from a grandfather to the many generations after him. Though it was meant to be read at his funeral, the family didn’t find it until years later; the impact may be even more powerful because of it.


This post is about family faith talk.

Sunday Follow-up

Yesterday, November 25, Pastor Turk talked about the unique Mission and Vision of Christ Community Church. The message, “Refocus,” was from Matthew 28 (The Great Commission) and you can listen to it here.

He asked us, “Why does the church exist?” and “Why do you believe?”

During the message, we watched a clip of a TED talk by Simon Sinek. Check out that talk on the TED page.


This post is a follow up to our Sunday morning worship at Christ Community Church. It provides inspiration to ask the “Why” of our faith and action.

Your kid still needs you

In this post, Syler Thomas reassures parents that even though you’re sending your kids off to college, your job as a parent isn’t over. In fact,

…the college years are often when you will find yourself growing closer to your kids than ever.

Thomas offers a few pieces of advice, a couple of resources to check out, and words of encouragement for you and your young adult. Read “When your child goes off to college, they need you.”


This post was made with adults of college aged young people in mind.