Sunday Follow-up

Yesterday, November 25, Pastor Turk talked about the unique Mission and Vision of Christ Community Church. The message, “Refocus,” was from Matthew 28 (The Great Commission) and you can listen to it here.

He asked us, “Why does the church exist?” and “Why do you believe?”

During the message, we watched a clip of a TED talk by Simon Sinek. Check out that talk on the TED page.


This post is a follow up to our Sunday morning worship at Christ Community Church. It provides inspiration to ask the “Why” of our faith and action.


So You’re in College Now…

…and there’s lots to fill your time and think about. Here are a few posts and resources to help you keep perspective:

If this is your first year at University, check out Chelsey Nugteren’s “10 Things I Wish They Told Me at College Orientation” parts 1 & 2, over at Boundless Line.

Maybe you’re in those middle years and have begun to wonder about life outside of college. Where are your passions driving you? What matters to God? What are other people like you reading? Byron Borger shares a list of compelling, thought-provoking, and transforming reads for adults of all ages (but of particular interest to young adults). Your pastor may even have a few on her/his shelf for you to borrow.

Or maybe you’ve been in school for far too long and the wrong sorts of things have become your focus. One grad student shares her struggle with grades and acceptance at The Evangelical Outpost.


This post was created with young adults and adults in college in mind. It aims to inspire, challenge and resource in the areas of discipleship, attitude, lifestyle, and faith.

Learn to Listen for God again

It’s hard to become like little children and learn to listen again.

Listening for God is almost a lost art in this day and age; to discern is a verb that has lost its flavour. Yet, discerning the will of God, listening to his voice, following the way of Jesus, these are the ways we define and give shape to the Christian life.

Kasey Hitt reflects on being reminded to listen like a child for God in this piece: “A Story About Discernment: Like a Child.”¬†Hitt reccomends finding a Spiritual Director, but even asking the questions and pondering is a start.

This post is for adults and is meant to inspire them to discern.

Will you let others stand at your shoulders?

In this video, Jo Saxton inspires us to remember and live the truth that to know who you are, you have to know who’s you are. And when you know who you are, you know how to be.

When you let someone stand at your shoulders, you allow them access to your life so that they can see what it means to belong to Jesus.


This post is intended to inspire adults, teens, and leaders in mentoring, relationships, evangelism, parenting, and witnessing to the faith in the everyday.