Advent Devotionals

We invite you to take the time this season to slow down from the hustle and bustle. There are lots of free devotionals that can help you do just that:

A downloadable weekly family devotional to go along with lighting your Advent Wreath Candles from The High Calling.

A downloadable Advent Paper Chain calendar to do with kids from KidsCorner (ReFrame Media).

A downloadable daily devotional and prayer guide (taken from Seeking God’s Face) for adults.

Sign up to get the short, daily Today devotional emailed to you directly. This year’s theme: “Waiting in Expectation.”

Or, join the CRC’s Office of Social Justice & World Renew for daily emailed devotionals having to do with “Displacement & Belonging.”


Our church is participating in World Renew’s yearly World Hunger Campaign. This year, Peter Fish turns 20! Wow!

The theme is “Fish for Change.” You can learn more about the work that will be done around the world through the funds raised by watching this video:

Here’s a link to a family devotional you can use over the next two weeks.
To donate directly and online, go here, or use the Feed Your Fish App.

Last but not least, use the #PeterFishTravels to show where your Peter Fish is going!

40 Days of Something

Many people use the season of Lent to focus on one particular spiritual discipline. Maybe these three ideas and experiences can inspire you.

Join one family that journaled their gratitude for 40 days.

What might happen if you read the entire Bible in 40 days like Margaret? (The link includes a plan.)

Or, be challenged by Pope Francis to fast from something other than chocolate this season.

Lenten Devotionals

Today marks the beginning of the season of Lent, the 40 days of preparation leading up to Easter. In case you are looking for a way to focus your spiritual life during this season, we’ve got a few items for you to consider.

6918887663_1d0ebf08dc_zSign up here to either download or to receive daily emails of a short devotional that focuses on the cross of Christ.

Here are 40 ideas on how to mark the season.

Have children? This site has resources to help you celebrate and grow as a family.

Finally, it’s worth taking a moment to read “Not Your Typical Ash Wednesday.”

Photo by Jamie. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

Christmas is coming. Christmas is here!





Maybe you are like me and most of the physical preparation for Christmas are complete. And maybe you are like me and this season of Advent, meant to be a time of spiritual preparation, has instead been a time of parties–with overeating and overdrinking and not-enough-sleep–and concerts and some measure of stress and distress…

I’m more or less ready for Christmas. But am I ready for Jesus?

Read on in “Are You Ready for Christmas? (And Why It’s Okay If Your Aren’t).”

Then, realize the truth that Christ is already here in “Put the CHRIST Back in Christmas.”

Finally, looking for ways to declare Christmas at work with more than just a “Merry Christmas!” shout? Here are 8 different ways to display and declare Christmas at work.

Photo by Kevin Dooley. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

Going to Church


Going to church isn’t always a top priority. Some reasons seem to make more sense than others…. Some of us have been hurt deeply by other members of the church; some of us have a really hard time interacting socially with others; some of us have hectic schedules, kids who don’t want to go, and Sunday mornings that are anything but peaceful.

But does God want us to settle for excuses? Might there be something the Spirit has in mind by gathering us together? Here’s some advice on how to deal with some of the attitudes and situations that keep us from church.

“Ten Tips for Going to Church with Your Family”

“When the Church has let you down”

“Help for those who feel ‘disconnected’ at church”


Photo by The Pug Father. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

Making the most of our time with Family

Are you a parent seeking a more fulfilling balance of work and family life? Here are 7 suggestions (and a recommended book) to get you started.

When you look back at your kids’ childhood, what will you not regret having done? Tim shares his list of “18 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Kids.”

Don’t think your family’s busy schedule is leaving opportunity for faith practices? Traci has 6 places/times that might be hiding in plain sight.