Emotionally Healthy Pathway 4

Building on the previous week’s discussion of the “walls” we encounter in our maturation, this week we considered the possibility that great growth and transformation can happen in times of pain, grief, and loss (including coming to terms with our limits).

Pathway 4 to Emotionally Healthy Spirituality is “Enlarging Your Soul Through Grief and Loss.”

Here are 8 limits common to all of us.

In “On Grief and Growing Up”, Lee helps parents understand that what they feel guilty about may actually be grief over their kids growing up…

And, get a glimpse of one family’s journey to have their soul enlarged through the grief of losing a young mom.

In Your Grief and Suffering, You are not Alone

Suffering and grief are real, so is the journey through it.

Though we may want to know why bad things happen, this excerpt from Glorious Ruin helps us come to terms that “We may never get an Explanation.”

Here’s encouragement and guidance for people in mourning, put together by a funeral Director: “The Mourner’s Bill of Rights.” Those who want to comfort someone in mourning will learn a few things as well.

Finally, here’s some encouragement from Scripture.