I’m an Introvert, how ’bout you?

AlonePart of the beauty of being a people made in the image of a diverse God is that we’re different from one another. Part of the challenge of being diverse is that we don’t always understand each other.

This difference in the Christian life is especially true for introversion and extroversion. We can tend to believe that faith should be expressed in particular ways with particular practices. We confuse being friendly with being talkative during the Church coffee hour, and alone time with “me” time.

The links today all have to do with learning more about introverts. (Extroverts tend to do a good job about letting the world know what they need…)

Laura Marcus shares the scariness of the church hall for an introvert and offers some ideas on how to grow.

Marc Cortez encourages other introverts to consider the ways they are making an impact on God’s kingdom through their service to others. Just because you aren’t the evangeliser, being the one who equips is just as important.

For those who wouldn’t call themselves an introvert, here’s some ideas on how to interact, in order to show love and respect,to the ‘other kind.’

Here’s a book review of Introverts in the Church: Finding our Place in an Extroverted Culture.

And just in case you’re an introvert who’s feeling a little down, check this out.

This post shares resources, ideas and inspiration for communication, relationship building and service, and deals directly with introversion.

Photo by Lee Haywood. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.