Workplace Relationships

Today, we’re considering workplace relationships from three different angles.

We’ve all done it- screwed up at work. Consider these three simple steps on “How to Handle Workplace Mistakes” with coworkers.

Are you somebody who treats others with respect and dignity? Read “How Does Your Workplace Showcase Human Dignity?” for both a challenge and inspiration to love your coworkers, no matter their status in the office hierarchy.

Considering sharing your faith with your coworkers? You may benefit from the following video:


This post is for adults and provides resources, ideas and examples of relationships with coworkers at their workplace.


Sunday Follow-up

At Christ Community Church on February 3, 2013, Pastor Chelsey took us on a journey through the book of Job as we were reminded to “Remember Who You’re Talking To” when we pray.

As a follow-up to that message, you’re invited to read this short excerpt from a book on suffering, prayer, and trying to understand it all.

God’s gift of faith is meant to be grounded in him- not our circumstances or conditions.


This post is a follow-up to a message preached at Christ Community Church in Nanaimo, BC.