“Listen– You Hear Better That Way”

We all hear, but do we really listen? More than once Jesus said, “Let anyone who has ears, hear!” At other times, it was simply, “Listen!” It’s hard to listen to God, it’s hard to listen to our neighbour, and sometimes it’s even hard to listen to ourselves.

Listening to God and to our ourselves are posts for another day. Today, our links are about listening to others.

The Higher Calling blog offers three ways to listen (including resources), whether professionally or personally.

Give yourself a check with these “3 Symptoms of a Lousy Listener.”

And take a cue from the Saviour about the importance and power of listening by reading and being encouraged by Amy Hauptman’s “Who’s Listening?”

This post provides resources, stories and ideas about listening and communication.


Be present!

Ever feel like someone isn’t listening to you? Tempted to check your email or facebook while on the phone or waiting for the next course at dinner?

Try being present instead. Here are some tips on “Being 100% present.”

This post is for adults and teens who care about their relationships and desire to have good communication, respect, and love in them.