The Dangers Within: Lust

Sculpture: Deadly SinsThe last of the Seven Deadly Sins for us to consider is lust.

Lust is a challenge for both men and women, as “Confessions of a Lustful Christian Woman” by Jonalyn Fincher illustrates.

Adam Holz offers some good thoughts on the role of the community in regards to dealing with this sin. Given our deep desire to keep our lustful thoughts private, we’d do well to listen.

GroundWork Media finishes up their series on the Seven Deadly Sins with this episode on lust.

And just in case you haven’t come across this online resource, be sure to check out XXX Church’s website for programs, resources, stories and much more to support men, women, teens, families, and churches through porn addiction recovery.


This post is for adults and provides resources and challenges that pertain to lust, sex, pornography, and our thoughts.

Photo by See-ming Lee. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.