You and the Psalms

At Christ Community Church we’re beginning a short journey with the Bible’s song & prayerbook, the Psalms. On Sunday, Pastor Chelsey shared her prayer for the congregation through this series, that each of us would see how the Psalms are prayers that we can use today in a number of different ways: giving us words and images to pray, freeing us to express our true emotions or feelings, guiding us in theological reflection as we connect our lives with the words of the Psalms, helping us find ourselves in God’s big story and his people’s history, and serving as a launchpad for our own prayers.

To think more about what the Psalms, as God’s Word, have the power to do, read “Scripture Teaches us How to Speak.”

To read an example of the Psalms’ power today, learn from Micha and her son in “Lament and Faith and Childhood: Why my kid and I read the sad Psalms.”

To try your hand as a family, consider using these free downloadable and printable devotions from Robert and Laura Keeley.

Family Devotions

We know it’s important. We also know it can be hard to make family devotions both relevant/meaningful and enjoyable.

Here’s a good place to begin: A Quick Guide to Family Worship

If you’re looking for some new material, here’s a new series on the Psalms for families with members of all ages from the Reformed tradition.

Finding yourself a little discouraged because you aren’t doing family devotions or worship? Take courage and try out some of these alternatives.

This post is for parents as they lead their families in devotions and worship.