“I love the Bible”

Well that’s easy to say. But what does it mean? Rachel Held Evans writes:

I love the Bible more now than ever before because I have finally surrendered to God’s stories.

Read the rest of her thoughts— including how it’s given her a limp– just like Jacob had after he wrestled with God.
Do you feel a little guilty that you aren’t reading the Bible enough? It may not be what you’re reading, but how you’re reading. Check out “There’s more to Bible reading than… being on your own.” You just may find you aren’t doing so bad after all.

Looking for some help/inspiration/encouragement/accountability to fall more in love with the Bible? Hop on to the movement “Live Light in 25 Words” out of Australia. The site includes resources, ideas, apps and plans to get you reading God’s word– starting with 25 words a day.

This post is for adults and teens who desire to spend more time reading and studying God’s word, the Bible, so that the Holy Spirit will transform them.

Photo by Mark Lehigh. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.


Do you really owe God?

Discover how we can use the gift of time, the gift of the creation itself, and the gift of God’s grace to say thank you to God.

In What Do I Owe? Rolf Bouma encourages and equips us to view our opportunities to give and thank God as more than just parting with our money. The study includes daily devotionals, five Bible studies with questions for discussion, and ideas on how to act on what you learn.

This resource is for adults and small groups to use as they study giving, tithing, stewardship and generosity.