At Christ Community Church, we’re finishing up The Marriage Course from Alpha, so this week all of our links have to do with married life: love, communication in conflict, and the road to ruin– if you don’t pay attention.

What does love look like way down the line, when one of you is slipping away? Learn and see in Bill and Glad’s short video.

What might keep you from that long lasting love? Watch for the “four things that kill relationships.”

Looking for some ways to utilize technology in your relationship building? Check out these Apps for Married Couples gathered by Simple Marriage.

This post provides resources, inspiration and challenges for our communication, commitment and use of technology in marriage.


Unplug all the things getting in the way.

Children born after 2000 have been dubbed the Wired Generation. But you don’t have to be 12 or younger to know (or experience) how being connected has transformed our lives. This week, all of our stories and resources have to do with unplugging from technology so that you can actually be with people and God.

Begin with this article written by a teen for her high school paper, then picked up by a national newspaper. Shane talks about her relationship with her iPhone, and what it was like to no longer be a slave to it.

Then, check out Hannah’s confession about turning to social media instead of God in “First be a follower”. How many different avenues of social media do you use? How do they guide your actions, thought patterns, conversation pieces, self-image, etc.?

If you’re finding yourself getting a little lost in the world of technological connectivity, then be inspired by Sundi Jo’s friend Sandy. Read about their relationship on Jeff Goins’ site in a piece called “The Power of Being Present”.

And for good measure, here’s two more pieces you might find encouraging and helpful:
An interview with Jodi Cole Meyer after her FOUR MONTH media fast, and a resource to help you deal with the distractions that threaten to derail you.

This post is for adults and teens, deals with technology, social media, lifestyle habits, and the spiritual discipline of unplugging.

Photo by James Vaughan. Used with permission. Sourced by Flickr.

Sunday Follow-Up

Yesterday, September 30th, 2012, at Christ Community Church, Pastor Chelsey shared a message from Luke 11.5-8: the Parable of the Friend at Midnight. We discovered that Jesus told this story to help us remember that we can trust God to give us everything we need when we pray. You can listen to it on our church website.

Since we dealt with prayer, here are some apps you can use on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad:
Prayer Notebook
Prayer Points
Prayer Journal
Prayer Notes FREE

Have an Android? Consider these:
Prayer List
Mobile Knee

And one for the Blackberry:
Prayer Organizer


This post is for adults and teens with smartphones. It provides resources for prayer that utilize technology.